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Welcome to Hall's Harvest

Minimun order: 500 Kg by plane or 20 Ft & 40 Ft by container...


How Much Do You Know About Ackee ?
The first ackee tree in Jamaica was grown from a seed brought
Benefits of Guinep
The Guinep fruit grows in the tropics and are very popular in the Caribbean,
Jamaica Jokes
What do you get when you cross a Jamaican and a ginger?
A Gingerbreadmon.

Dandelion Seed Coffee

Most Jamaicans start their morning with something warm - coffee or tea. But how about a cup of dandelion coffee?

Jamaican Restaurant Or Not ?
A Jamaican man coming to the US for the first time went into a Jamaican restaurant and asked the waitress “what kinda Jamaican food unno sell?”

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About Hall's Harvest

Founded in 2009 we are family owned business dedicated to supplying the finest quality of Jamaican foods for Jamaica and all its Diaspora markets around the world.

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